Baran Veterinary Clinic and Vaccination Center

About us

Baran Veterinary Clinic and Vaccination Center was founded on December 2017 in Khusf city, South Khorasan, Iran, to provide services to dear livestock owners. The clinic and vaccination center provides care to all kind of companion and farm animals: from chickens to camels.


Founder and manager is Dr. Purmehdi Chelickdani, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. You can see here for further information.

Care and Vaccination Services

Services that the clinic can provide at the moment are as follows:

Poultry Vaccination
Infectious Bronchitis
Cattle & Sheep Vaccination
Consult and Treatment
Farming, Vaccination & Nutrition consult
Examination, Necropsy & Treatment of poultry diseases
Pet poultry, Broiler, Ostrich, Turkey, etc.
Examination & Treatment of Large Animal diseases
Sheep& Goat, Cow, Camel

Contact us

Address: No 51, Imam Khomeini St, Khusf, Iran

Tel: +989157066118